Crepes and Dreams

Life has a way of inspiring me. Let me start by sharing that I used this bag this morning:

Longchamp Eiffel Tower

Longchamp Eiffel Tower

Among all the Longchamp bags that time, this caught my eye. Back then, I didn’t really imagine going to France—I know I cannot pay for airfare alone, what more for my accommodations, food, etc.? A no-go, so to speak. I just thought the badges were cute.

As I was staring at myself in the mirror, I noticed the badges. Imagination took over. I should use this bag when in France. I’m gonna have a super tourist-y shot with the Eiffel Tower as my backdrop.

Now, while I was waiting for my class to start, an interesting article appeared on my feed. I’ve never felt this before, all I know now is that I want to eat warm crepe on a cold Paris night.

I’m giving myself something to believe in, so here comes wishful thinking: I will tour Europe before I’m 30 and with shopping money to spare. Oh, the fun in declaring dreams. There are other things to worry about and save for, like the future. But maybe I’ll earn more soon? Get a high-paying job? Be sent to cover an event? I believe.

So to turn this into reality, that’s the thing—I have no concrete plans yet. Maybe the reality I need is a reality show and win it (but darn, I am talentless when it comes to performing).

If dreams do come true, then maybe, just maybe, I’d finally get to appreciate macarons, wear a motorcycle jacket (with a printed shirt, fitted jeans, boots and shades for a look that’s Parisian chic), bump into Blue and buy a designer bag or two…

…okay, gonna make it happen! ;)



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