A Different Kind of Unli at Yabu

Deep fried, breaded food isn’t my thing, but there has to be an exception somewhere. Now this is where Yabu: House of Katsu comes in.

Sauces and condiments galore

Sauces and condiments galore

Before the main course, we were given bowls with sesame seeds for grinding. The inside of the bowl is textured, making the process easier. The sauce is poured afterwards.

Sesame seeds Yabu

Sesame seeds

We got to try the Rosu (pork loin) set, and the Chicken and Seafood Katsu Set which has chicken, black tiger prawn, squid, oyster, eggplant and pepper. We weren’t planning to fill our tummies that much, but Yabu left us with no option but to over-indulge. Unlimited rice and salad (shredded cabbage) for the win! That explains the title. With its sophisticated yet funky interiors, it won’t be recognizable from the outside that this place offers unli rice and salad.

Rosu set

Rosu set

Chicken and seafood set

Chicken and seafood set

I’m glad to say that Yabu: House of Katsu deserves the hype it’s been getting. Take this from someone who avoids katsudon in a Japanese restaurant and more importantly, a girl who usually does not get what the hypes are all about.

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