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Before anything else, I would like to say that Blue is still my favorite. But please release your album now; I can’t wait to hear your RedOne-produced single (I love “Straight Through My Heart” but I’m sure I’m gonna love your single better; after all you’re the number one boyband for me, you’re my ecstasy… oops, wrong song). Back to regular programming.

So… my confession. I think I may have been turned into a Backstreet Boys fan. I think I was nearly a fan with “Larger Than Life” with my phases of waking up early on Saturdays just to watch MTV Asia Hitlist (which is the same thing I did for Blue with “If You Come Back” a decade ago), but I didn’t attend their concerts (and that’s a big determiner, but then again, I felt they would always come back).

Since I am “new” in the fandom, I have to play some catch up with their songs. This Is Us (2009) is an awesome album which made me regret missing their concert two years ago. Nick Carter can kill high notes now! It seems like he and Brian Littrell have switched voices, because something is not right with Brian’s recently. :( Going back, the songs off “This is Us” are really good. A track with the same title exists, and it sounds really different from their Max Martin hits years ago. Check it out:

“This Is Us” (live)

And this is the best track off the album, a song that I personally think sounds like a single my Brit lads can perform as well. I can just imagine Duncan James singing the first verse:

“If I Knew Then”

And as with most girls, I gotta pick my favorite from the band. Again, I apologize to Brian but Nick is now my favorite BSB member. See, I used to say that my fave is Brian because everybody likes Nick (don’t get me wrong, I genuinely like Brian ’cause he has an amazing voice). But seeing him all hyper and hot made me reconsider (aside from the fact that I see a little of Lee Ryan in him. Incidentally, they’re both the babies of their bands).

He ventured into solo projects. There’s “Help Me,” “Do I Have to Cry For You,” and this discovery that will rock any 90s baby’s socks off—a Jennifer Paige collab in 2009 which sounds like an early 2000 Europop single. Yes, Jennifer “It’s just… a little crush (crush)” Paige. She still looks the same!

It sounds like “Gotta Go My Own Way” from High School Musical, though. Alarmingly catchy, I must say. In just two days, my playcount for this track has shot up to a hundred.

And since fangirls search for artists’ official accounts and photos, I stumbled upon this:

Nick Carter's Twitter

Nick Carter's Twitter

What a coincidence. Of course I do not know when the Twitter background photo was taken, but he looks better with “more” cheeks. :) Needless to say, he was in perfect form during the NKOTBSB tour. Nothing wrong with that picture, though. In fact, he has an uncanny resemblance to Michael Vartan (Michael Vaughn in Alias), one of my favorite actors. Still good-looking, IMHO. What’s important is that he’s healthy, ‘no? Besides, he’s “Burning Up”:

This post came up as I was pondering about how much I used to like *NSync when I was younger. I came to realize that their songs are not as radio-friendly as the others, but they had amazing videos and they kill it with their themes, so maybe the “creativity” lured me in to them. Nostalgia sells, former favorite boyband, and you are about to be eclipsed by the Backstreet Boys in my heart. I am still wishing, hoping for a reunion tour even though JC Chasez has said in an interview that it’s highly unlikely because if ever they decide to come back in the industry, it’s because they have something new to offer. I admire JC for saying that, but fangirls will always think otherwise—who doesn’t want to see their idols perform once again, right?

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