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Remember when I posted before that I can’t find a need for the Samsung Galaxy Note? Well, it seems like I would be needing it, no, make that I NEED IT RIGHT NOW. I will be back on track with reading (because I have to) and I need a portable device to comfortably read digital files while on the go. The S-Pen also comes in handy, since I need a notepad most of the time. There is no gadget in the market today that perfectly suits my needs than a Samsung Galaxy Note. What a hardsell. Bow.

I cannot believe that this day would come, for a gadget to become a need. That Steve Jobs quote pops to mind, and I am deeply sorry for thinking of that quote in a post dedicated to a Samsung phone/tablet/phablet/device. Some people are not sold with the size, but as they say, different strokes for different folks.

Hope I could save enough for this device, or better yet, its successor which is rumored to sport a 5.5in screen. But no, I need it now and I can’t wait to have it. I wish Samsung Philippines would come up with education pricing. Or give it to me for free, because duh, you made me turn my back on Nokia in the first place.

I should stop with all my side comments strikethroughs.

And since I am so excited (and I just can’t hide it), I’m already thinking of a name for it: Nate the Note (you can LOL now). All my gadgets have American-sounding names, usually from music/artists/songs with the exception of my current phone named after Steve’s son, Reed (just because I finished reading his bio when I got my phone). So yes, I have “friends” named Martin (Boys Like Girls), TIFF (Tiffany as in “Could’ve Been” but it’s written that way like the file name, fitting for a camera), Belle (…of the Boulevard, Dashboard Confessional song) and (Jason) Wade. I got this naming thing in college when we would make up crazy names for our USB flash drives and eventually, our gadgets. Nostalgic Candy. Good times.



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