Staycation at New World Hotel

Real estate developers cannot stress any further when they say that location is important. Most of the time, location means convenience. The same thing can be said for hotels. This time around, we stayed over the weekend at New World Hotel located just across Greenbelt mall in Makati. It takes only a minute to cross the street and enter the mall, which makes it very similar to EDSA Shangri-La and Shangri-La Plaza Mall/SM Megamall.

View from the window

View from the window

The hotel is currently undergoing renovation, which explains the absence of a lobby shot. These are some snaps of our room.

New World Hotel Makati room

Talk about elegant

New World Hotel Makati

Not digging the headboards. The bed is surprisingly comfortable

New World Hotel Makati

A reading nook

Our stay came with a breakfast meal. I don’t know if it’s just coincidence, but I found the M2M Restaurant layout similar to that of Heat… or maybe it’s just the noodles section.

New World Hotel Makati Morning to Midnight

Noodles for breakfast

New World Hotel Makati Morning to Midnight

Japanese and Chinese fare early in the morning

New World Hotel Makati Morning to Midnight

Dream breakfast: my fave danggit and bacon fried to perfection

Staycations are like television commercials of malls come to life. Why did I say so? Well, people in those commercials look so fresh—who wouldn’t when your place is just a minute away? I was able to hustle back and forth the malls so I could meet my friend in Greenbelt. No need to rush as I met her halfway the bridgewalk in less than two minutes. Talk about convenience!

Now if only I could afford those homes on top of Greenbelt (which has been my dream for so long, by the way)…

I end this post with a shot of the swimming pool at night.

New World Hotel Makati

Makes me wanna plunge into the waters right away

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