Graceland Resort, Tayabas, Quezon

After SM City Lucena, we went straight to Graceland Resort in nearby Tayabas for some R & R. Reality also hit me hard on this trip. Sleep and you’d miss out on the fun. So yeah, lesson learned: fix your body clock so that you don’t end up sleeping during daytime in relaxing places like this.

Graceland Resort, Tayabas, Quezon

A rainy day

We stayed in the apartelle, and rooms are styled similarly. No wonder I fell asleep so fast, I missed the swimming party in the rain. Boohoo.

Graceland Resort, Tayabas, Quezon

This is what a room in the apartelle looks like

I should’ve drank more coffee that day, for me to able to spend more time in this calming retreat. It’s a nature-friendly resort, I tell you!

Graceland Resort, Tayabas, Quezon

View outside our door

To make up for lost time, I woke up early the next day, eager to explore the rest of the resort.

Graceland Resort, Tayabas, Quezon

Crossing the bridge

Graceland Resort, Tayabas, Quezon

Ride a boat?

Graceland Resort, Tayabas, Quezon

A relaxing sight

Graceland Resort, Tayabas, Quezon

SOOC water reflections!

Graceland Resort, Tayabas, Quezon

Reconnect with nature

Of course, no trip would be complete without photos of what we ate (and enjoyed, heh!)

Paella Marinara Graceland Resort, Tayabas, Quezon

Paella Marinara

Graceland Resort, Tayabas, Quezon Gambas


Breakfast was much more enjoyable for me, because you have a better view of the place while munching on delicious longganisang Lucban and then some.

Graceland Resort, Tayabas, Quezon

American Breakfast

Graceland Resort, Tayabas, Quezon

Longganisang Lucban

Needless to say, fried banana slices is my favorite. I ended up eating almost three bananas that day since most of my relatives weren’t too fond of it.

Ahh, wish there was some place in Manila that can match the spectacular sights and pollution-free air of this resort…



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  • Charlene Mae P. Poblete

    How many people can this resort accommodate?
    Do you know the listings here? Thanks.

    • MM

      Hi! There are plenty of rooms in the resort, so I guess they can accommodate a huge group. :)

  • Ramon G. Edano

    How do you make reservation in Graceland?
    Date Check In: Feb. 16 2013
    Date Check Out : March 12, 2013.

    References: Vena Queblar
    Rosalie De Luna
    Violeta Ong

    Thank you and regards. Ramon G. Edano .

  • Chay Dionco


    Im Sis. Chay Dionco, requesting for quotation on the ff deatils:

    7D/6N camp
    80 youth, 20 adults
    Cottage Type accommodation/ Dorm type for 80 pax
    (40 girls/40 boys)
    4-5 rooms for 20 adults
    ! big hall for plenary session good for 100 pax
    Outdoor activity areas


    • MM


      I am in no way connected/affiliated with Graceland Resort. I only blogged about my experience when I visited the place last year. It would be best to contact them directly. Thanks for visiting my site :)


  • faye hyacynth pascasio

    good day i would like to ask on what website i can find your rate per head and also for the cottage thank you!

  • amylou jumaquio

    hi Im amylou, marketing director of Graceland estates and country club. You can call me at (02)899 65 97. thank you!

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