Hello, SM City Lucena

Embarked on a road trip to Quezon. First stop? SM. Sorry to disappoint, but we just had to walk a bit and eat lunch—the long drive is looooooong. No worries as this was not our only agenda in Quezon.

SM City Lucena Signage Tower

SM City Lucena Signage Tower

It’s rare to see a signage tower in Manila nowadays.

Just the sight of Buddy’s make me thinking of a shocking electric bill. The ambiance is very festive, as seen below.

Buddy's SM City Lucena


We ordered the following:

Buddy's Hardinera

Buddy’s Hardinera

Buddy's Longganisang Lucban

Buddy’s Longganisang Lucban

Buddy's Pancit Habhab

Buddy’s Pancit Habhab

I must have eaten almost a dozen of Longganisang Lucban. A piece for each year I badly craved for it? Maybe.

On the way to a resort in Quezon

On the way to a resort in Quezon

To be continued.



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  • Angela

    Isa lang yung nakikita kong signage tower dito sa Manila. Yung sa SM Centerpoint lang. Feel ko sa mga lumang SM yan. Hihi. :D

    • MM

      Ako din, yun lang ang alam ko na signage tower! :)

  • Irish

    meron ding signage tower sa SM Fairview :) hehe.

    • MM

      I’ve never been to SM Fairview! :P

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