Spin Pin Craze

I keep on seeing the branded version of the spin pin in local fashion blogs, and mostly ignored these “press releases” upon learning how much these spin pins cost. Nowadays, I have been very frustrated with my hair; desperate to turn my medium length hair into an acceptably neat bun. A week ago, I’ve seen lots of them women with their hair neatly gathered in a bun, a bun that can only be made with a spin pin. With some research, I found out that there are cheaper alternatives to that branded spin pin.

Generic Spin Pin

Generic Spin Pin

After checking out various tiangges (and ended up finding Hello Kitty merchandise and chinese yoyo instead) and shops, finally, a spin pin worth Php 50 (sorry, I can be really a cheapo at times, besides, I tend to misplace my hair clips). It comes with a pearl too (which I don’t really dig, LOL). It’s so easy to use, though it will work with long hair best.

P.S. Do you know where to buy these generic ones? I’d like to get some without the bling. Thank you! :P



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