Six years later, my RAM is obsolete

The day has come.

Six years ago, I had this computer assembled. For future-proofing sake, I chose components that are way ahead of its time. Upgrading each part only to find out that the newer component will not be compatible if I purchase another is such a hassle, hence the decision to assemble a new one.

Fast forward to six years and here I am again, wanting to introduce a new part to an old group, only because it’s the lone option. It’s either I get that specific RAM for this desktop computer or it will stay this way: occasionally moody, with Not Responding tantrums every now and then or generating composites at a very slow pace. I regret not shelling out a little more back then for RAM to have this machine working at its best.

In other news, I still can’t stop daydreaming about that Swatch Opulence watch released last year. I can imagine it on my wrist, perfect with whatever I’m wearing. All these random clicking made me stumble upon this site that showcases unique heart jewelry. I’m at this age where I am now leaning towards classic, timeless designs. I personally love the necklaces in stainless steel.

Oh, the joys of online window shopping.



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