Make or Break

After coming across random signs (or some that I perceived to be as such) and quotes (deciphered as hints), I finally got it over with and took a leap of fate. This quote is so powerful, I tell you:

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. —Mark Twain

I wrote a post some months back about being more sensitive to the concept of rejection as one gets older, but after trying the Bungee Drop ride at Lotte World, I was determined to try more things and conquer my fears. That was by far, the most thrilling theme park ride I have ever tried, and I was so proud of myself for not backing out. I was freakin’ scared before, during and after that ride—nothing can compare to the nervousness I felt—and that’s exactly what compelled me to try out for this something that I’ve been dreaming of since I was a kid.

On my way to the “opportunity,” the nervousness hit me in waves. I was cool, calm and collected, knowing that this is not the first time I pursued something I wanted so badly. I’m older, and I should know better. But this one, this one was different. It went by so fast, I didn’t have time to be nervous because poof—my turn already and I’m not ready LOL. I felt stronger after, like I could do anything, in a super girl kind of way. A day after, I ended up regretting what I did because it hit me that I wanna be in it to win it and I don’t think I can take the R word and my golly this was how scattered my ideas were during that time.

So that was how it felt like, to just go for it despite the uncertainties. To prove to people that I could be something more. I wish I could say that was my best, but I am willing to learn. In fact, I have already learned something from chasing this dream. I could do better. I will be better.

It’s amazing how a single ride in an amusement park can change my outlook on a lot of things.

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