Favorite Pens

Ever since I started working, I found joy in choosing colorful pens. For the longest time, it was mostly a toss between Dong-A My Gel and Monami Love Pet pens. The former’s been in the market for quite some time, while the Monami ones are newbies and notably inexpensive at Php 20. I’ve settled with these for daily use:

My favorite pens

My favorite pens

From top to bottom:
Monami Love Pet in Cocoa: the brown is perfect
Pilot G-2 07 in blue: perfect when you are in a hurry
Dong A My Gel 0.5 in Black Blue: While I don’t dig the 0.5 tip, this color is rare, and a nice mix of black and blue
Pilot G-Tec C-4 in blue: G-Tec wins hands down for taking down notes, with its fine tip
Dong A My Metal in Gold: the isparkleen pen, enough said ;)

What are your fave pens? :)

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  • Tammy

    G-Tec! is <3.

    Anyway, there';s this online site you might want to check out. They have TONS of pens and G-tec/Hi-tec in different colors and points. I am not sure if they ship to the Philippines though


    • MM

      OMG PENS!

      I got a bunch of Pilot G-2 .07 from the US months ago. It’s not sold here, and it glides really smoothly.

  • Tammy

    I forgot to add, I despise Dong-A and Mon-Ami. For some reason, Korean pens just don’t do it for me. They tend to skip a lot and most I have tried weren’t working anymore before the inks ran out.

    I do occasionally use the Pilot G-3 though in 0.38mm

    Have you tried to Pilot Coleto? It’s like the G-tec multipen.

    • MM

      Have you tried Mon-Ami Love Pets?

      Ahh yeah, AND you shouldn’t drop it because it will no longer work.

      I don’t think we have Coleto here. :(

  • Tammy

    I had it years ago and they just gave up on me. I had it in Sky, Wine and Brown.

    I think Korean pens have a long way to go to catch up to Japanese pens.

    They do sell Pilot pens at Pilotpen.com. I think you have to choose your region though. They sell it cheaper than online stores though there are less colors.


    • MM

      I love the Lovepet in brown, and wine too.

      My only problem with buying pens online is that I can never be too sure of handling. ;)

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