My ZALORA Wishlist

When it comes to fashion, I am a contradiction of sorts. I have a penchant for unique tops—asymmetrical hems, unique sleeves, edgy cuts and one-of-a-kind patterns come to mind. The thing is, I don’t want attention, which is highly unlikely given that we are talking about “unique” here. To avoid that, I only wear a striking piece or two, coupled with well-fitting basics and comfortable yet equally stylish shoes to balance the look.

That being said, here are my five picks (it was so difficult to choose, by the way!) from online shopping site ZALORA:

My ZALORA Wishlist

My ZALORA Wishlist

Proudrace cape blouse in black
The front looks simple and unassuming, but I bet it’s a stunner with minimal movement. Aside from the style, the color’s perfect—I can use it for formal affairs. Pieces like this one an investment because it can be styled casually or formally, not to mention I can channel being a heroine with it while I twirl or jump. Yes, I have heroine ambitions. skinny bow cuff in faux leather
It’s too cute to resist and it comes in so many candy colors! How can you go wrong with ribbons? Bracelets like this one give off a girly vibe, even to a shirt and jeans ensemble!

Sapato Manila “Marnie” flats
Aside from the two-tone colors, it is also embellished with silver studs. It’s a slightly rebellious take on ballet flats, with the cut, the colors and the embellishments!

W buttondown with lowcut armhole in orange
A rather simple blouse with little variation on the sleeves, this orange blouse blurs the lines between the usual and the unique. I can use it on its own, or top it off with a tailored blazer. I like owning pieces that I can mix and match!

The Little Things She Needs low wedges in red
Even with the emergence of stylish flats, there is still a certain oomph that comes with heel height. Since I don’t subscribe to the tiis-ganda belief, a pair of wedges is my only option to add some height. The sudden popularity of flats-meets-platform footwear, otherwise known as flatforms, is a comfy option for people like me who do not want to suffer from blisters and muscle spasms from long hours of walking all day in high heels.

Those are my five picks (whew!)

I believe that being stylish does not necessarily mean being over-the-top, or wearing designer items from head to toe, or religiously following trends every season. It’s about finding that balance, the in-between, or in other words, best of both worlds. It’s about being simple with a twist, crisp without being overly formal and funky without looking too casual—a creative expression of one’s self, be it to achieve a nice impression or to simply have fun with all these lovely pieces.

And with online shopping site Zalora, I’m bound to spend (more time, ha!) online window shopping and save for items that can be considered as essentials in my wardrobe. Having all of these and more can be a possibility with…

Catching up on posts! Why do I read random stuff online too much? I was sidetracked by a teleconferencing service site before I wrote this.



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