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Last week, I discovered that I am a grandma masquerading as a yuppie, what with my preferences for non-touchscreen devices and willingness to ditch these time-wasting games/apps (displaying maturity right there), only to succumb to a good game of Fruit Ninja this afternoon for a good fifteen minutes. Yes, a digital native finding difficulty with a touchscreen phone. I wanna go back to Nokia—solid, reliable and can do what mobile phones should do.

You know what, these phone manufacturers should consider offering customization options for consumers. Like, “Hi Nokia, can you make me a phone with QWERTY and touchscreen, similar to Nokia E7 but make sure it has a sturdy slider and that it can run any OS I like? And oh, I need processing power, so that better run Temple Run.” Impossible but I’ve always believed in dreaming big, so…

Completely the opposite of what Steve Jobs once said:

A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.

Partly true, especially with the Samsung Galaxy Note (I felt that way for it, apologies!) but the same was felt for your Mac Book Air.

Mac Book Air

Mac Book Air

Am considering this because of the weight and design, but then again, there are other contenders worthy of my attention, like this black beauty:

Samsung Series 9

Samsung Series 9

Basically, I’m looking for a laptop that’s less than 2kg, can run Adobe Photoshop fast, and has acceptable battery life. Larger screen is better if it’s not gonna make it heavier. And oh, affordable? Is that even possible? It can be, because it will take years before I can buy myself a laptop and all these models will be sold for super discounted prices!

Btw, I’ve moved on to the concept of switching back to Nokia because there is currently no Viber for Symbian, my phone retains the passwords for Wi-Fi hotspots I already used so it automatically connects; no need to input passwords again, and Samsung works in Korea (Of course it should—and yes, I’m really looking forward to go back soonest!).

Photo credits: MacWorld (Mac Book Air) and PinoyTechBlog (Samsung Series 9)

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