In A Shoe Frenzy



I know some girls who go crazy over scents (if you’re reading this, check out Cleopatra’s Choice perfumes). There are a couple who are hopelessly addicted to designer bags (I’m not one of them, not that I can afford one, LOL!). I think the only “obsession” I might have at the moment is my pseudo-Imediffic dreams. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t buy pairs on a whim. I patiently wait for discounts or think it over countless times before I splurge!

Anyway, I noticed that my recent purchases are mostly oxfords and brogues. Why do I keep buying them even though they’re in trend like, seasons ago?:

Goodbye, blisters! It’s virtually pain-free to break-in these kinds of shoes. I don’t know why exactly, but that’s what I observed. I get some nasty aches from flats and the occasional sandals, near my biggest toe. That’s probably just the case for me since others tend to get reddish marks near the heel.

I can wear socks in it. Cute socks, to be specific. Or plain ones, to make the design stand out. Wearing socks make wearing the shoes more comfortable too!

It’s not limited to a particular style. You can wear it with a skirt, shorts, jeans—you can even rock it in formal trousers depending on the color! Despite its apparent uniqueness (for brogues), it still blends well with most looks.

It’s cute. It comes in various patterns and colors. Isn’t that enough reason to like a pair?

Any “crazy over…” moments like this one? What kind of shoes do you like? :)



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