Korea 2012: Shopping at Ewha Women’s University

When in Korea, it’s best to go shopping near universities since the prices are lower. 30,000 won for a pair of shoes ain’t cheap, or maybe it’s just me. But then again, I already took one of my purchased pairs for a spin and I must say that the quality is good. Made in Korea indeed. Anyway, we were able to visit Ewha Women’s University. Or Woman’s. I’m not really sure. -_-

Ewha Womans' University

Ewha Womans’ University

Since places like this are quite popular to tourists, it’s easier to strike a conversation with shopkeepers. Asking for sizes is easy and they can explain to you clearly why they can no longer make the price lower. One of the cute stores I visited is Pretty Blue.

Pretty Blue

Pretty Blue

Here’s another dainty store:

Natural Laundry

Natural Laundry

Cosmetic shops galore!

Ewha Women's University

Ewha Women’s University

I discovered the most delicious chicken skewers here.

Raw chicken skewers

Raw chicken skewers



The entire street is lined up with food stalls.

Food stalls

Food stalls

This mall sells mostly clothes.

Yes apm at Ewha Women's University

Yes apm at Ewha Women’s University

And this cat caught my eye. You fierce, furry thing!

Cat. At Ewha Women's University

Cat. At Ewha Women’s University

It walked around like a boss and never did I hear it say “meow.” Or maybe there’s a Korean meow? XD

This cat seems like a local

This cat seems like a local




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