Korea 2012: Grilling Galore

What’s a trip without discovering local cuisine?

Appetizers, appetizers and appetizers!

Appetizers, appetizers and appetizers!

I can’t recall how many times we experienced dining Korean style. By Korean style, I mean the kind that we usually see on Korean television dramas: Crossed leg with cushions for added comfort and a low table with a grill or a stove in the middle.

TIP! Take note that some restaurants will require you to remove your pairs, so think about that when packing your footwear!

I thought we would end up cooking the raw meat, just like in eat-all-you-can restos here in Manila. As in turns out, they will cook it on your table.

Pork belly, beef ribs on the grill

Pork belly, beef ribs on the grill

They also serve delicious soups. Well, I like anything with beef, so…

Mushroom casserole

Mushroom casserole

We went there for two nights and ended up eating almost the same thing but it’s all good. I just missed the kimchi for the second time. Just in case you wanna eat here, look for this.

TIP! Almost all restaurants serve house water, so if you’re on a budget, you can skip ordering that cola. However, I personally think spicy food goes well with Coca-Cola. ;)

firminite side effects



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  • Cla

    There’s something about those various colors, meats and vegetables in Korean food that just makes eating ten times the fun :p~

    • MM

      Oh yes! :)

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