The Natural Switch

My dermatologist advised me to use products without harsh chemicals for my hair. Some breakouts are actually caused by the hair products used. I have previously tried Ilog Maria’s honey shampoo but it is quite hard to find in Manila, add to that the fact that it comes in a small bottle (somehow I always end up with the last stock), so here I am, on the lookout for similar products. I’m giving Human Heart Nature a shot.

Human Heart Nature hair products

Human Heart Nature hair products

I have been using it for a couple of days now and no allergic reactions so far. :)

Have you made the switch?

P.S. Expect more sports trophies-like photos in the coming days. Haha!



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  • jeniffer

    I’m using panteen before or head snd shoulders. Right now I like loreal shampoo and garnier conditioner… switching for a good quality product.

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