My Ideal Milk Tea

Some of you might know about my love affair with milk tea. We’re still going strong and to be honest, I don’t wanna be in this relationship anymore because it makes me fat. Quite frankly, I am guilty of trying a new milk tea shop every now and then, only to be disappointed because it tastes awful/powdery/artificial/weird/bland. As of the moment, there are only four stores that I frequent to get my much needed dose—these are the places where I think the milk tea is delicious. It might not be the same for you, my reader, so indulge me and let me know your personal faves.

So here are my top 4 picks, read more to find out their rankings:

Milk tea madness. Seems like my layout made them beauty pageant contestants

Milk tea madness. Seems like my layout made them beauty pageant contestants

3rd Runner Up: Serenitea Royal Milk Tea with Egg Pudding (Php 100)

Serenitea Royal Milk Tea with Egg Pudding, 75% sugar, less ice

3rd Runner Up: Serenitea Royal Milk Tea with Egg Pudding, 75% sugar, less ice

Their egg pudding is unforgettable. Somebody tell me how to make this at home so I don’t end up buying this. The pearls are perfectly chewy and the servings quite plenty, but because the egg pudding is so good, I rarely order my tea with pearls. Their tea is on the strong side, and while I like how everything’s freshly brewed, I can’t spend a hundred bucks every single time I’m craving. They used to have a Loyaltea Card but they have discontinued it early this year. Unlike the others, they give out a free large cup of your drink of choice. I rank it fourth because of the price.

2nd Runner Up: Moonleaf Pearl Milk Tea (Php 70)

Moonleaf's Pearl Milk Tea

2nd Runner Up: Moonleaf’s Pearl Milk Tea

I haven’t bought from Moonleaf in a long time, considering that branches have mushroomed not just in Metro Manila but also in the provinces. Accessibility is a plus point. The only complaint I have with Moonleaf is consistency. Sometimes, my order tastes okay, and then poof, the next is somewhat watered down. But because of the price (practical person mode, haha), I rank this higher than Serenitea.

1st Runner Up: Chatime Pearl Milk Tea (Php 95)

Chatime Pearl Milk Tea, 70% sugar, less ice

1st runner up: Chatime Pearl Milk Tea, 70% sugar, less ice

Chatime is so consistent. The taste is so exact that I know at first sip if I forgot to say less sugar/less ice. Generous servings of chewy pearls too, but because I love the drink more than the sinkers, I usually just order Chatime Milk Tea.

And the big winner is…

Simple Line Tapioca Black Milk Tea

I’ve said this, time and time again. Simple Line began this addiction, and the mere fact that their branches are only located in Manila makes the craving stronger. It’s the reason behind hoarding at least two cups whenever I swing by UST.

Simple Line Tapioca Black Milk Tea

FAVE! Simple Line Tapioca Black Milk Tea

My ideal milk tea would be this:
Simple Line milk tea + Serenitea egg pudding and pearls + Chatime’s sinker servings and store ambiance + Moonleaf’s accessibility.

1. The prices are for large cups.
2. How can I start dieting? Reading apidextra reviews or trying an effective exercise won’t work if fattening drinks are constantly on my mind!



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  • Miko

    Your post surely made me crave for a cup of milk tea! (I’m in Katipunan as of writing this!) Hmmm, why don’t you open your own milk tea shop? ahehehe :D

    • MM

      I wish, but I don’t think I am ready to be an entrepreneur. That would be awesome though. I’d get to drink milk tea not just once in a day! :P

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