Have you read The Hunger Games?

If you read the book, you may continue reading.
If you haven’t, this is a spoiler alert. Or not really.

I managed to finish the book in six hours (in actuality, two nights). Felt the need to count my reading hours because I don’t know if I read the book slowly or just the right pace. Used to be a fast reader in elementary but that’s for another discussion.

Just a disclaimer, this is not a review. I just wanna know through this entry if I am the only one who cried over the ending. HAHA! I haven’t watched the movie, though, so I don’t know whether I would react the same way.

Think it all boils down to my Kimerald fascination some years back. Which is kind of connected in a way considering the book was inspired by reality television. I recall drafting a script inspired by Kimerald and it ended similarly to The Hunger Games, with the guy left to play pretend to a non-existent relationship. Sigh.

Did you feel the same way?



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