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I used to accept rejection very easily like it was exactly what to expect from pouring your heart out on paper. For the longest time, I took “making it” as a lucky break, although in my head, I considered everything as a product of hardwork and perseverance.

As one gets older, there seems to be a growing aversion to the R word. The feeling stings more than ever, unlike before when not getting it can mean wrong timing. It was perfectly fine to try, try and try until you succeed. So you weren’t accepted? Well, there’s this other organization that might be a perfect fit for your skills. You didn’t qualify for the final interview? Oh well, maybe it wasn’t the career for me, i will apply somewhere else. This time, it has a stronger impact. There is now a long pause after each disappointment. It can make or break you. More importantly, it can now mean something else: you are not good enough.

Then there’s the concept of persistence. But even before you have dusted yourself to prepare for the next pursuit, self-doubt has found its way. You bombard yourself with questions and maybe sing along to Quincy Jones’ “Just Once” at least, well, once.

But then again, it is through such failures that you realize how much you really want it and that you will still pursue and improve yourself to get it. It all boils down to pulling an “On The Line” for your dreams.

*Random thoughts while surfing the Net for a book reader.



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