My Samsung Galaxy… NOT

It’s funny how I just posted about finding a legit reason to own a Samsung Galaxy Note. I believe I have found the answer. Drumroll please for…

Draw Something!

A closer look as I try to "draw' on Draw Something

A closer look as I try to “draw’ on Draw Something

I’m kidding, of course. It’s hard not to think of the Note whenever I come across a detailed sketch of a person on the app, or when I am forced to draw a person’s face. Like seriously, how can I draw Adele? I can’t freaking draw, so it’s a real challenge. And so I thought to myself, if the S-Pen is to the Note, there must be a generic stylus out there that works on capacitive screens. Capacitive screens respond to actual touch as opposed to resistive (which explains why nothing happens even if it’s in your bag and nudged by let’s say, your ballpen or purse). I also recall from my conversation with an SGN user that in case you lose your S-Pen, you have to order it abroad and have it shipped here… which now leads me to think that there must be something similar in the local market to cater to the growing population of Note users. And guess what, I did find something that works! Introducing my “S-Pen”!

My Samsung Galaxy Ace's "S-Pen"

My Samsung Galaxy Ace’s “S-Pen”


  • It works.

The staff offered another one with a finer tip and since my emotional quotient for today was very low, I immediately grated the pen against my device’s screen and much to my surprise, nothing happened. Then poof—it hit me. I used a stylus meant for use on RESISTIVE devices. Next thought that came to mind was the scratch on my screen. Even the person assisting me asked if I had a screen protector. Oh my goodness, what if?

It looks like a regular pen

It looks like a regular pen

  • It’s an actual pen. You’d mistake the stylus part for an eraser. Cool, right?


  • You might scratch your screen if you accidentally use the real pen on your device.
  • I still cannot draw Adele.
  • It’s still a struggle to draw. I totally forgot about the pressure sensitivity feature of the Note, so yes, my phone is simply this: Samsung Galaxy Not!
The capacitive stylus in action

The capacitive stylus in action

As with photography, it’s not the gear, it’s the photographer.  Haha!



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