Because geekiness outweighs reason: Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note

I got to try the Samsung Galaxy Note last week through an acquaintance. My friend and I just asked if the Note is well worth the money, and he handed his phone for us to try. I ended up doodling using the S Memo application and fell. In. Love. Fast. This resulted to Googling all night for reviews, but was disappointed after coming across some that says the handwriting recognition of the device is far from perfect.

Meanwhile, I have to find a legit use for it before I actually save up for a Galaxy Note. Yes, it is perfect for people in the creative field. In my head, the title sums up my feelings but I’m practical (yeees). I write a lot but I’m quite wary about the size. It’s too eye-catching and from a distance, the screen is still clear and readable (and I am making it sound that it’s a bad thing, but I know you get what I mean).

Upon reading countless reviews, I also stumbled upon news that there will be a 10-inch tablet with the same note-taking functionality. The slim tablet on my wishlist is quite vague as of the moment (I admit, I am smitten by the iPad’s design but I like being able to just drag files normally in Android devices), but I would like to own one someday for gaming and reading/surfing the Web. At the rate Samsung comes up with devices (with a gazillion options for screen size to begin with), I might as well wait for the time when they would finally consider customized tablet orders.

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