I miss BKK, so I went to My Thai

My Thai placemat

My Thai placemat

Would you believe that’s just a placemat? Discovered this and more at My Thai.

I badly miss Thai food, to be honest. It’s fairly inexpensive and more importantly, delicious. I’ve having major cravings for crab fried rice every once in a while but I obviously can’t fly just to eat so the other day, I decided to dine in a Thai resto and try to relive the glorious days of eating nonstop (LOL).

Ordered the following:

My Thai's Chicken Pad Thai

Chicken Pad Thai

My Thai's Crabmeat Fried Rice

Crabmeat Fried Rice

My Thai's Stir fried black peppercorn and garlic beef

Stir fried black peppercorn and garlic beef

Everything tasted great, but not exactly what I had in mind. It seems like it is tweaked to please the Filipino palate, which is not a bad thing when you think about it. Given that I am a fan of Thai food, I went out of the restaurant quite happy and full. My Thai would probably be a good place for people who want to get acquainted with Thai-inspired dishes without the fear of eating chili or being turned off by the smell (there are fragrant dishes and some picky eaters do not like that). You can request for fish sauce with chili if you can take the heat. :)

And to cap off my meal, my favorite:


Chatime milk tea ♥

By the way, I am quitting milk tea with the exception of Simple Line, of course, because that’s just too good to resist, I can’t imagine not drinking it. Now here’s the fine print (ha!): I will drink if someone treats me, or if there is a jumbo promo. Milk tea monster indeed.



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  • Lei

    Have you tried My Thai’s Thai Iced Tea? It tastes like those in Bangkok! ^^

    • MM

      Not yet! I can’t resist Chatime during that time! :))

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