Manang’s Chicken

I always bring food for lunch, but today was one of those days when I am forced to buy a meal because my baon did not taste right. That presented an opportunity to try Manang’s Chicken.

My Manang's Chicken takeaway

My Manang’s Chicken takeaway

It is distinctly Filipino in taste—strongly reminded me of adobo, probably because of the sauce which seems like normal soy sauce in appearance. The sauce has a certain zing to it—I can’t pinpoint the taste (OMG I will never be a legit food writer, ha!). I wish I didn’t have high expectations, though, as I ended up staring at my order and looking for the chicken skin ala Chicken Bonchon.

Having said that, Manang’s Chicken’s is wise in positioning itself as “Ang Bagong Fried Chicken ng Pinoy” because it definitely appeals to the Filipino palate. Just don’t compare it to other double fried chicks because it is good as it is.


In other news, I checked some of my shoes the other day and some of them are peeling. Must be the material used. So much for buying inexpensive pairs! Guess it’s time to buy shoes with real leather and I could just dye leather on my own when it’s cracking. Hay.



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