Seafood Diet

Ever heard of the “Seafood Diet?” It actually means to see food and eat. LOL

Seaside Macapagal Dampa

Crabs in butter. Nomnom

Anyway, I just found these lying in my messy folders and since it just looks too good to resist, I just had to post it. These were taken a month ago.

Seaside Macapagal Dampa

Shrimps (or are these prawns?)

Seaside Macapagal Dampa

I believe this is called "kabya"

It’s funny how I get all excited at the mere thought of food when in fact I should be considering dieting. Ha. I found out the other day that I have gained 4 pounds in two years and while that isn’t really a massive gain on my part, this is my heaviest state ever. Now if only I could cut down on carbs…



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