Blue in Manila 2012: On being in the same room as my fave boyband and making them sing a capella

Shortly after I found out that Blue will be part of The Greatest Hits Tour, I added the cutout to my visual board.

Meet, interview and have a group pic with my fave boyband ever, BLUE

Meet, interview and have a group pic with my fave boyband ever, BLUE

“Dream big” is obviously my mantra. Winning meet and greets are tougher than it was seven years ago (k, that makes me sound sooo old). I have never been a fan of social media contests, but I did not worry much. After all, these thoughts ran through my mind in December of 2011. Too early to worry.

Fast forward to today and I happily remove the sign off my board. A line from Blue’s song off the first album, “Bounce,” perfectly summarizes the experience: “VIP, backstage, front row.” I guess I should’ve been specific with some parts (ha!), but more on that in the coming posts.

As fate would have it, I was assigned to cover their press conference last Friday for one of our sister magazines.

We we ushered into a room while waiting for the presscon to start and the first thing I notice is a guy getting made up, no less than Duncan James of Blue. First thought that ran in my head was “I can’t breathe easy…”

Got dibs on seats at the front row, a few feet away from the long table where the eight guys would sit. Jeff Timmons and an A1 member were supposed to sit directly in front of us. By some stroke of luck, another hotel staff got hold of the nameplates and rearranged it. Directly facing me in a minute or so is no less than my favorite member, Lee Ryan. And next to him was Duncan James.

8 hotties in one room. We definitely needed aircon.

8 hotties in one room. We definitely needed aircon.

The presscon started and while my ears were listening to the answers, my eyes were fixated on Lee Ryan. My goodness, I said to myself. Is this for real? The best singer ever is just inches away from me and we are breathing the same air! I felt like a teen again. There were lots of questions thrown and I was contemplating on whether to ask them or rest my case (“All Rise” reference!). But a true Blue fan wouldn’t pass up the chance to be noticed by the lads, so I worked up the courage to get on my feet and walk towards the microphone. I merely suggested for them to sing a line or two, not expecting that they would seriously oblige. This happened next:

My fangirl heart fluttered when Lee sang a line from “The Hardest Thing.” If I were a cartoon, there would’ve been hearts in my eyes. I always thought it would be awesome if he would sing 98 Degrees songs. Guess that went well for me ’cause I just transcribed the press con earlier and I kept on sighing and “aww”-ing. Eeek.

I just couldn’t believe everything happened. Looking back, I first met Blue without Duncan. That meet and greet win inspired me to write and submit an article to a local teen magazine. My first published work ever. And last Friday, I was in front of them as a journalist. Indeed, “It’s kind of funny how life can change.” That’s another Blue reference, y’all, and more to come in the next posts. :)

By the way, this is the photo related to the previous post:

"There's space here!" -  Mark Read of A1

“There’s space here!” – Mark Read of A1



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