Officially an A1 fan?

Can’t believe this actually happened:

With A1

With A1: Ben Adams, moi, Christian Ingebrigsten and Mark Read

I was sent to cover the press con for The Greatest Hits Tour.

The story behind this photo:
We had a chance to ask more questions to A1 after the main conference. Everyone in the room was taking their group photo. Mark said that there was a space for a person to stand in. My friend went ahead, taking the offer (!). After her turn, I “teleported” beside Ben and Christian, which was a good thing since after my photo-op, some had to share the frame with people they don’t actually know.

Anyway, I found A1 to be extremely into music. I am just in awe with musicians who are involved in the songwriting process. Not to mention that they are involved with a charity in Cebu! Pogi points!

This is just first of the many ninja fangirl moments for this entire The Greatest Hits Tour. Maybe next time I should try waiting for my favorites at the airport and the hotel where they are billeted. XD



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  • Euri

    Wow! They’re still together? I thought they’d already disbanded ages ago. XD

    • MM

      Yes they are! One of the members left for good.

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