Meeting Amy Lee of Evanescence

Exactly a year ago, I met Yellowcard. Today, I met Evanescence‘s frontwoman Amy Lee.

Amy Lee of Evanescence at SM Megamall Event Center

Amy Lee of Evanescence at SM Megamall Event Center

I thought the entire band would be there for the autograph signing, but then again, Amy Lee is Amy Lee!

Amy Lee of Evanescence at SM Megamall Event Center

Rock on, Amy Lee

I wish they just mounted the event at The Atrium instead of the Event Center for better lighting. Demanding? XD Anyway, here are my best snaps:

Amy Lee of Evanescence at SM Megamall Event Center

Okay I can’t figure out my camera’s shutter speed

Amy Lee of Evanescence at SM Megamall Event Center

A short chat with the voice talent

Amy Lee of Evanescence at SM Megamall Event Center

She could pass as Marie Digby’s sister!

Amy Lee of Evanescence at SM Megamall Event Center

Getting ready for the autograph signing

Since the event was strictly an autograph signing session, there was no opportunity for a photo with Amy. But before I went up onstage, I found the chance to take a better photo. However, I forgot to change my settings. When will I ever learn?

Amy Lee of Evanescence at SM Megamall Event Center

The best shots end up blurry! :(

Since I expected a black marker, I didn’t think of having the CD signed. Then poof—Amy was using a white marker! :( Anyway, I had my old Fallen CD signed instead of the album I purchased. I chose to have that signed because it’s cute to say that I kept that CD for years and finally, THE Amy Lee held and signed it in front of me.

Evanescence "Fallen" signed CD

Evanescence “Fallen” signed CD

By the way, I got to shake her hand. And since the fangirl in me cannot find the right words to tell how much I love her music, I just muttered some standard stuff you say to foreign acts:

MM: Nice to finally meet you, Amy! [TAKE NOTE of the word “finally!” XD]
Amy: *I forgot what she said because I was too busy staring into her eyes*
MM: I hope you’re having fun in the Philippines [More fun in the Philippines, yo!]
Amy: Thank you so much. See you tonight.

I’m just sorry I couldn’t make it tonight, Amy. :(



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  • Elsa

    Hey, you’re so lucky to have met Amy!

    From what I’ve heard, the other members were doing a sound check, so only Amy would sign CDs. You guys are so lucky for the chance. I live in Indonesia, and there won’t be signing session or meet and greets (they’re coming to Jakarta on Feb 25), unless I win the MnG contest…lol

    By the way, I’ve posted the video at the SM Mega Mall on my Evanescence Video blog. Check it out :-)

    • MM

      Hi Elsa!

      Thanks for checking out my post. Yeah! I still can’t believe I met her! She’s so nice and it’s refreshing to see her without the heavy eye makeup.

      Ahh, so that explains it. Wishing you all the luck to win a meet and greet when they come over in Jakarta! I am also getting frustrated with meet and greets ’cause the boybands are coming over this weekend and I wanna meet Blue (which happens to be my favorite boyband ever). I think they are also going to Indonesia! It’s just amazing that those who started in the early 2000s are now touring Asia. It’s just… wow.

      Will check out your blog in a bit! :)

  • Liyah

    Hello! We met Amy Lee too and we were there, by the way I’m the Head Admin of Evanescence Philippines and we helped in the event that day with Polyeast Records :) Visit our facebook page and our group and be chat with us, see u there!

    • MM

      Thanks for dropping by! :) Hope Evanescence comes back in the Philippines!

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