Sambokojin is Super

Second time to dine at Sambokojin for Valentine’s and things just keep on getting better and better!

Sambokojin Eastwood

Meats galore

Oh chapchae, how I missed you.

Chapchae, tofu steak, spicy squid and beef stew at Sambokojin

Chapchae, tofu steak, spicy squid and beef stew

Anyway, let me just rave (again) on how awesome Sambokojin (and their staff) is. Here are the reasons why:

  • The wait staff are “stealthy” when it comes to refilling drinks. I just took a sip and after a split second, the glass was full again. It’s amazing. I haven’t tried dining in the EDSA branch though, but I sure hope the same applies.
California Maki at Sambokojin

California Maki

  • They are even stealthier when it comes to clearing used plates. I just set aside my empty plate and after a while, it magically disappears! They are the fastest among all buffets I have tried. Makes dining more fun and clean.
Grilling time at Sambokojin

Grilling time

  • They go the extra mile. I was just talking to my grandma who was busy getting some chapchae when one of the staff bent down to get me a plate. When I was getting some chili paste and both my hands were full, another staffer offered to bring that small saucer to my table. In other places, I need to ask the staff to do that. Or worse, nobody would bother.
Grilling meat

Grilling meat

Sambokojin has a super team plus meats and cooked dishes that are more flavorful and delish than similar buffets in the metro. All that said, Sambokojin gets A for effort in my book. They just need to add something to keep guests entertained at the waiting area. I wish they’d come up with a loyalty/discount card for super fans like me! XD

Btw, since I am slowly enjoying Korean cuisine and I like lettuce, I ate lots and lots of samgyupsal while I was there.

Samgyupsal-ing at Sambokojin

Samgyupsal-ing at Sambokojin

If there’s one thing I really love about buffets, it’s that I get to try other cuisines without shelling out money on something my tastebuds are unfamiliar with. I learned to eat and enjoy sushi, sashimi and kimchi all because it’s there on the buffet spread. ♥



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