Solar Power

Best giveaway ever.

Solar charger

Solar charger

Today’s particularly sunny and bright. I’m “charging” it as I type. What’s with my lines? It all rhymes. LOL

Solar charger

This comes with all kinds of cords!

With the crazy heat today, green homes can really save on electricity costs! If only switching to solar power wasn’t so expensive…



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  • Tamz

    Cool! The closest I have is a solar powered wireless skeyboard, Haha

    • MM

      You have? Where did you get it? How long does the power last?

  • Louie

    Oh. Wow. That is totally best giveaway ever!

    I want one! I wonder if CD-R King have those. Haha.

  • Tamz

    Bestbuy. It’s Logitech, I think

  • Tamz

    It pretty much lasts forever since it gets power from artificial lighting :D

    • MM

      Ahh! :)

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