Rediscovering Baguio

I have been to Baguio less than ten times (including this recent trip). Two trips prior to this included going to SM Baguio, so going to the City of Pines without malling on the itinerary made this trip more exciting.

Loafers and a shadow

Loafers and a shadow

The Manila girl in me attempted to open the left-side door of the FX1 but it was locked. I knocked on the driver’s door, but instead of him unlocking the door, he motioned for me to get on the right door. He told me that as per city ordinance, the left-side doors should be permanently locked for public safety. Manila should have that too.

FX. More fun in Baguio

FX. More fun in Baguio

Speaking of “more fun…”

McDonald's Baguio's More Fun in Baguio

Their take on the More Fun in the Philippines tagline

It’s fun that more establishments are helping out in our latest tourism campaign. By the way, I spotted this handpainted sign while I was walking along Session Road:

Ang Puso ng Baguio

Ang Puso ng Baguio

It’s along Session Road but I’ve never noticed it! It’s been there for decades. I was also able to witness weaving. It’s amazing, I tell you. It requires skill, creativity and most importantly, concentration. Hands and feet are involved in the process. Never thought it was that complicated. My appreciation for weaving definitely skyrocketed after seeing how it’s actually done.

The art of weaving

The art of weaving

This only proves that one visit will never be enough for places, especially for popular tourist destinations. There is still so much to discover.

P.S. My Chatime coupons have run out—I can finally start avoiding milk tea! Now, if only I could avoid sites that sell vouchers (I guess if you really need hsn coupons or anything, the discounts can really help you save!).


  1. it’s a type of public transportation in the Philippines; called FX after the model Tamaraw FX but other similarly designed vans are also called as such nowadays []


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