I Want A DJ Max Technika 3 Arcade Cabinet

KARA's Lupin on DJ Max Technika 3

KARA’s Lupin on DJ Max Technika 3

Discovered KARA tracks in DJ Max Technika 3/Timezone last weekend! A good thing if you like them, but if you adore Gyuri, you’re bound to miss a couple of notes—come on, you don’t “swipe” across a face as pretty as hers!

KARA's Step on DJ Max Technika 3

KARA’s Step on DJ Max Technika 3. I haven’t listened to this song, kinda ended up watching the video LOL

We all wanna own something eccentric for home use, like receipt printers for instance. Mine’s gotta be a DJ Max Technika 3 Arcade Cabinet. When I was a little girl, I wanted a room with Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Freak and other arcade cabinets but as I grew older, it hit me that it costs a lot.

Maybe app developers for iPads and Galaxy Tabs should look into this and turn it into an app. Whatchathink? :)



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