Caffeine Boost

The past few weeks have been dedicated to organizing everything that needs to be organized. Since I plan to be really good at this thing called time management, I made it a point to allocate time for all my plans and ideas this year. A day did not suffice, obviously, but I am getting the hang of it. Trying to learn how to make time for those random and sudden things in my schedule that I can’t just say no to, but so far, so good. Slowly getting used to having small goals for each day.

It’s worth noting that avoiding coffee and tea is still something I can’t get out of my system. Here are a couple of shots taken in the first two weeks of January.


Decaf. Looks like paint.

And yeah, I think I can’t quit milk tea.


Serenitea. I just can’t resist egg pudding.

Gong Cha Milk Tea

Gong Cha Milk Tea… Gong Cha baby, Gong Cha. Hahaha!

I even went to great lengths to try something new:

UniversiTEA in UP Diliman

UniversiTEA in UP Diliman

Which reminds me that I still haven’t had my first dose of Simple Line for this year.

Some habits are hopeless. Anyway, I still have to read through a gazillion notes and look for a good you tube video downloader. TTFN!



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