KPop inspiration and some resolutions

It’s ironic to be writing a post that enumerates my resolutions and random thoughts for next year when one of them includes sleeping AND waking up early. And here I am, very much awake without the help of Gong Cha milk tea (less sugar, less ice), typing away like it’s nine in the morning.

So… I’m writing this because I was inspired by no less than KPop star CL of 2NE1. I read some raves about her the other day. Here is a girl that they say is not conventionally pretty like other idols (that somehow look alike) but hello, she has these three: swagger, skills and success.

Lee Chaerin of 2NE1 (CL)


Earlier, I found myself watching some SBS performances and found myself admiring this girl for being so… sure of herself. I have noticed that before in 2NE1’s performances. She goes on stage and her body language screams, “I really don’t care, I love what I’m doing.” Naega jeil jal naga talaga! I’m sold. In my head, I was having an internal pep talk with myself. This girl is just 20 and yet she seems to be having a blast, enjoying work like it’s all play. She might not be what most people had in mind for an idol, but the talent, hardwork and passion are all there—nothing can go wrong!

It’s a wake up call to myself that I shouldn’t really care about (1) what others think and (2) what others are doing, period (and that’s what I am trying to tell myself too). Don’t waste time comparing and just focus, focus, focus.

Anyway, since we all know I do not have a future in performing like Lee Chaerin…

I’m not fond of shouting to the world my hopes and dreams because I do not want to end up publicly failing to do anything, but it seems like there is nothing to be worried about. All those who publicly shared their dreams, intentional or otherwise, got EXACTLY what they wanted. Two examples? Tricia Gosingtian with her URL triciawillgoplaces1 and Camille Co‘s blog2 where she states that she “tries to blog” and that she “dreams of making 2011 her year.” We all know how far these two girls went, literally and figuratively!

Excuse me while I “level up,” so to speak:


i. sparkle. "and" more

I’m not isparkleen for nothin’! Shocks paano kung maging artista ako? LOL

Anyway, here are “resolutions/declarations” that I should put into writing, you know, the ones I really need:

  • Fangirl fun

I would be lying if I said I do not miss fangirling like there is no tomorrow (EXAG!). I have rested this year in that category, but with the comeback of my lads, I will no longer be Blue (YOWN!).

  • Explore and discover new places

This year marked my first time in Bohol and my second time in Bangkok. Wanderlusting might take a backseat for now because of other priorities but I am still looking forward to possible travel opportunities, whether here in the Philippines or abroad.

  • Opportunities through this blog

I am actually unsure what I want to happen with this blog. I mean, I am completely happy with it because I can share and ramble endlessly and pointlessly, if I may add (although the photography lovin’ might have made my sappy side hide in a cave—gosh I miss my dramatic entries).

To be honest, it must be fun getting freebies and be invited to events3 and the like but I don’t want to compromise my content and my page to be a press release board. Hi prospective collaborators, please don’t turn your backs on me just yet. Haha. What I mean is that, if it is possible to get something good out of blogging that I can make use of, without affecting my content drastically, I would gladly welcome opportunities. Who wouldn’t want to get something from an activity that is basically leisure time?

  • Get “enough” sleep

My sleepless nights in college are to blame for this habit called oversleeping. Ever since I started working, my sleep should clock at 8 hours, regardless of whether I slept early or not. I do manage to wake up in time to prepare for work but most of the time, <8 hours meant being slightly grumpier than the usual, which means it is best to stay at >8 hours of sleep for a brighter perspective at work that lies ahead. Which leads me to…

  • Lessen coffee intake and drink more water

See what I did there part two. Coffee, specifically because it sometimes makes me crankier and it only dehydrates the body (hello, how about milk tea). Wait… milk tea… milk tea. Can I quit you? I’m not yet sure because I spent most days during the break sipping Gong Cha, which is sprouting like mushrooms in the metro. There must be a greater reason behind Simple Line‘s branches all scattered in Manila and that is to wean me off this milk tea madness I have had in the past 2 years and 10 months4. Well at least I am into drinking water now and can proudly say no to iced tea (What! You can’t say the same to MILK tea) and Coca-Cola Regular5

  • Be more organized and manage time wisely

This year, I realized that I can somewhat be obsessive-compulsive about the smallest of things. I found out I cannot work with clutter in sight, like it’s some visual chaos I had to face. Since my area is not really a cube, I had to improvise. I will try very hard to stick to my to-dos and notes to give way or more free time!

  • Improve, learn

Every single day is an opportunity to learn something new. This year, I focused more on quality, but it made me feel like it was all I could do and to be honest, I disliked that. I don’t want to be stuck in that way of thinking. I intend to improve while learning something new to avoid the sad part that is insecurity and the nagging “jill of all trades, master of none” thoughts out of my head for good.

  • Healthy relationships

This not-so-new phase in life that we call “working” has taken its toll on some relationships I have. I won’t say I am a workaholic but the nature of my job has lead me to reply to messages hours later and forget all about those Facebook notifications a day after. It’s the kind of tiredness from churning words and ideas endlessly. I have also come to realize that enough rest and a good night’s sleep are both important to fuel me the next working day.

They say that friendship endures despite the distance and I am a big believer of that. I am grateful for ties that remained stronger, and even those that have been a struggle. I look forward to happier moments with everyone dear to me next year.

  • Ka-ching, ka-ching

Of course, I won’t miss adding “prosperity” to the list! Hoping for more earning opportunities this year!

How about you, what is on your mind? Care to share who currently inspires you to be more awesome? ;) Happy new year! :)

Photo credit: Blackjacks 2NE1 (CL)


  1. Tricia was sent to New York to cover Fashion Week early this year, the only Asian invited to the event, and she was also invited to Malaysia []
  2. Camille won as Mango’s It Girl for Spring/Summer 2012 and was nominated for Best Fashion Blog at NAPBAS. She was sent to Barcelona, Spain and Malaysia! []
  3. not my thing really, but if that is an invite to Blue or techie stuff where I actually have a chance of winning, I am so there LOLJK []
  4. I started drinking in February 2009 []
  5. FACT: I don’t drink Diet/Zero, I want the real deal []


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