Crepe Love

Don’t judge, but the first time I enjoyed crepe was when I started working. Not a dessert dessert person but since work forces me to try new cuisines and restaurants, I reluctantly went along with some of my co-workers at Cafe Breton and ordered mango crepe. Thus my love affair for crepe began, initially exclusive to Cafe Breton, up until the day I decided to try this creperie that’s just so nice to look at.

La Creperie

Homey interiors

This is La Creperie.

Looks can be deceiving, but there is only one way to find out.

La Creperie

Cutesy charm

This crepe is called Complete, a fitting name to be precise.

La Creperie

Complete crepe... I ♥ THIS.

I LOVE THIS CREPE. ♥ Also tried another kind, a crispy crepe at that (Crispy crepe?!). It reminded me strongly of pizza, and while it tasted good, I just can’t figure out how the yolk is supposed to be eaten alongside every single ingredient laid out on the crispy crepe.

La Creperie

Another yummy crepe with loads of ingredients

Gah, just thinking about Complete makes me hungry. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my mango crepe, but that Complete makes for a complete meal. :P



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