Eat-All-You-Can at Yakimix

Our family trooped to Yakimix for a yummy dinner to celebrate my grandma’s birthday. This season, there is no excuse to stop eating… at all. XD We frequent eat-all-you-can restaurants such as Tong Yang and have even tried Sambokojin a couple of times this year, so going here for the first time might mark the start of future visits. Actually, my greatest concern was the chapchae.

Yakimix eat-all-you-can buffet

Nice lamps

I can’t help comparing Yakimix to Sambokojin while grilling raw meats. I have lost count how many times the attendants called out “Irrashaimase!” to each and every guest that walked inside the restaurant. I am glad to share that the attendants are also as attentive and friendly as those in Sambokojin, but the guys there are faster when it comes to clearing plates, heh.

Yakimix eat-all-you-can buffet


Unlike Sambokojin, sauces are not readily available on each table in small glass containers, but served alongside the raw meats on the buffet table.

Yakimix eat-all-you-can buffet


They also have cooked food but most of them are Chinese food. I didn’t quite like the slabs of salmon sashimi served on the Japanese section so I decided to just grill instead. My only complaint is the lack of labels for the meats. I can identify whether it’s pork, beef or chicken, but I wanna know the marinade and the spices or whatnot.

Yakimix eat-all-you-can buffet

Raw meats

Yakimix eat-all-you-can buffet

Round 2!

And yes, I did taste their chapchae and was extremely disappointed because all they had were the glass noodles. In terms of desserts, they have several pastries, cakes, fresh fruits and even individually packed Selecta ice cream! What is cute.

So… will I give Yakimix a second chance? Probably yes, just don’t make me think of chapchae and the spicy ribs at Sambokojin.



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