On Personal Sets and Wee Nam Kee

We’ve been meaning to check out the hype behind Wee Nam Kee for the longest time. Since we were running out of new restaurants to try, we scheduled it one Sunday morning.

Wee Nam Kee Ayala Triangle Gardens

Bird cage lamps!

The interior is a cross between modern and oriental. Ordering was a breeze since there are personal sets for the chicken. We thought it was going to be one filling meal because the photographs showed a considerably generous serving of chicken and rice.

Wee Nam Kee Ayala Triangle Gardens

Sauces, check

The geek and I were stunned when these arrived at the table!

Wee Nam Kee Ayala Triangle Gardens

Hainanese Chicken

We were like, “This is it?”

Wee Nam Kee Ayala Triangle Gardens Roasted Chicken

Roasted Chicken

Don’t get me wrong, both tasted good but the personal sets kinda made me feel we were shortchanged. We should have ordered the chicken and rice separately. The plate where it was served also bothered me a lot, it was just too small for the chicken. Feeling ko psychological din because of the plate.

I have had better Hainanese chicken memories in Banana Leaf (more chicken skin ♥). And of course, Hainanese Delights which is like, Php 125 but has more chicken than this personal set (and BTW, unli rice FTW).

At least, there was Gong Cha to look forward to.

Gong Cha milk tea

Gong Cha milk tea

And… I think this is cute:

Ayala Triangle Gardens

Kinda romantic

That is all.

P.S. Forgot to publish this entry. Was reading about Quality Assurance Director Jobs when I wrote this!



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