First Few Shots: Canon Powershot S95

To say that I am happy about this purchase is an understatement. Wishlists do come true!

Here are a couple of shots taken with the camera with a (then) completely clueless user. Say hello to weird angles, out of focus subjects and the trails that come with low light.

Shamcey Supsup and Venus Raj at Ali Mall

Shamcey Supsup and Venus Raj at Ali Mall

Like this one, for example. I was in the mall and saw the two beauty queens who have both landed a place in the Miss Universe top 5, Venus Raj and Shamcey Supsup. Since I couldn’t figure out how to focus, I think I set this to Auto. AUTO IS NOT ALWAYS GOOD. :(

If there is one thing I noticed about this camera, it loves blue skies.


I love how it renders colors


Bluer than blue

For both photos, I used Program Auto.


Testing macro

I tried to take macro shots for the first time. Colors are still vibrant without being oversaturated. The next set of photos were taken right after I bought the camera, heehee.

Banapple Katipunan

Banapple Katipunan

Penne Bolognese?

Penne Bolognese?

Banapple's Cheesy Baked Penne

Banapple's Cheesy Baked Penne

With this kind of lighting, it is best to set white balance manually than relying on AWB. The bolognese is delish, by the way.

I also watched a play that made use of lights…

Light Play

Light play

…and to be honest, I was stuck using Program Auto because I don’t know how to change some controls (gah).

My first impressions (then):
The Canon Powershot S95 suits both photography newbies (it being a point-and-shoot with countless modes, Auto/Manual, whatever floats your boat) AND professionals (read up on the Internet and it is endlessly raved about as a great alternative to a heavy dSLR. By the way, you can shoot RAW with this but it won’t open in Photoshop, LOL). It’s in between… which kind of makes it difficult to adjust, at least for me.

With that, here’s another piece of advice: never, EVER go on a day tour without the battery fully charged because you will SERIOUSLY regret it. I would have taken more pictures in Terminal 21 had I charged it in the morning before we left the hotel—I trusted the three bars too much only to find out that with one use of flash, the battery icon will blink nonstop. The only reason I was able to snap some more because I used my cousin’s Canon Powershot D10’s battery. But in reality, the battery conked out already while we were checking out the Floating Market.

This does not mean it is not a great buy, it’s just that to maximize this gadget, you have to charge it fully before you take endless shots all day long. I charged it before I left the hotel the next day and did not encounter any more battery problems.

It still pays to read the manual and experiment. I am not a manual reader but shocks, I have proved that it is not a good idea to take a new camera for a spin to a place you have never been (or even if it is somewhere you have been, case in point for me, Thailand) because you might miss something. Aside from not knowing what scene modes are there that can produce such creative images with fantastic landscapes, you wouldn’t know that one of the dials can easily be moved, wrecking your shutter speed/ISO calculations and messing up the image’s exposure, or that the flash can suddenly pop up and your finger is right on top of it.

In short, familiarize! :)

P.S. Ang lakas ko maka-blog about Canon, brand endorser levels! #iwish



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