Breaking My Style

One of my colleagues would always reference Laureen Uy‘s blog name, Break My Style, whenever she sees me wearing something different. I am not into excessorizing nor print on print which Laureen pulls off very well, but I am fond of wearing a piece or two that is edgy but not overly outrageous… like this:

Shoes with big bows

Shoes with big bows. Crazy, I know!

I also bought and received a bunch of accessories recently! :)


Gold and black bracelet

Spike cuffs

Spike cuffs

Necklace from Avatar

Necklace from Avatar. Love the details!

Marilyn Monroe Necklace from Avatar

Marilyn Monroe necklace

Shell ring from Avatar

Shell ring from Avatar


I particularly love this necklace because of the materials used. It has pearls, strings and beads!

I’d like to think my style as comfortable chic with a quirky side to it. I used to just pick a unique piece from some store and wear it with basics. Since working in the Jenna Rink world, I’d like to believe I am learning a thing or two when it comes to fashion. How can you not get inspired? So many well-dressed beings nowadays. Most experts say that experimenting is fine. For now, this is the most adventurous I can get with fashion—injecting at least two really striking pieces to my outfit.

How about you? Has your style evolved in the recent years?



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  • Cla

    I love the spiked cuffs ate M. O_O

    And yes, I can say my style evolved in the recent years. Proliferation of fashion bloggers perhaps? Or the local department stores keeping up with the latest trends? Even the existence of tumblr can be an influence. Whatever the reason is, it is doing a great job developing everyone’s personal style.

    I personally love hoarding bargained back issues of Teen Vogue and learna thing or two there! :D

    • MM

      I always get compliments whenever I wear those spikes. :)

      I agree! Gone are the days when stores would only stock up on basics. As for fashion bloggers, I only check out a few ’cause there are plenty that only “wear” trends than their “personal style,” if you get what I mean. There are some that can inject current pieces but you can still see their personal style shine through. I guess I’m just not fond of repetitiveness. ;)

      How much are the back issues? :)

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