Thailand 2011: Dinner at Somboon Seafood

When you ask the waiter for another serving of rice even though the plate that you have on the table is still quite untouched, that says a lot.

Somboon Seafood, Surawong, Thailand

Somboon Seafood, Surawong branch

That happened at Somboon Seafood.

Our group was understandably famished, after the elephant ride, floating market and Wat Pho tour in the morning and shopping and sightseeing at Terminal 21 in the afternoon. We ate ALL these that night:

Somboon Seafood, Bangkok, Thailand

I believe this one's called Morning Glory, but it's just plain kangkong.

Somboon Seafood Surawong Thailand

Fried Curry Crab! ♥

Somboon Seafood Surawong Thailand

Fresh prawns

Somboon Seafood Surawong Thailand

Tom Yum Goong

Somboon Seafood Surawong Thailand

I'm not sure what fish this is. Sauce for this is sweet

I find Coca-Cola to be a better pair to Thai food than Thai milk tea.

Somboon Seafood Surawong Thailand

Thai Coca-Cola

That concludes our first day in Bangkok. Sorry for the staggered posts, but I thought of sharing it this way because there are far too many photos to post. Sayang naman!

So I came across this word “sieving” and learned that it means the same thing as “sift.” #youlearnsomethingneweveryday



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