Thailand 2011: Around the World at Terminal 21 Mall

Terminal 21, Bangkok, Thailand

San Fo?

This entry is still about my recent trip to Thailand, don’t let that photo above mislead you! It’s actually taken inside a mall by the name of Terminal 21.

Part of my daily reading weeks before our trip was Bangkok’s flood situation. Since there were no travel advisories nor cancellations, we still decided to fly to Thailand. It is from Bangkok Explorer that I was able to discover this mall. Terminal 21 just opened October of this year. The theme for the interiors? An international airport. Every floor is assigned a city: Paris, Rome, Caribbean, Istanbul, San Francisco, Tokyo (not sure if that’s the complete list, but that’s what I remember):

Terminal 21, Bangkok, Thailand

Telephone booth with my cutie cousin. We're like in UK, mate

Terminal 21, Bangkok, Thailand

Strolling in Paris

Terminal 21, Bangkok, Thailand

This lighthouse vertically spans several floors!

Terminal 21, Bangkok, Thailand

The top floor's Hollywood and that's Oscar right there

Terminal 21, Bangkok, Thailand

And then I find myself back in Asia

Terminal 21, Bangkok, Thailand

That's a fast world tour

The best part? You can click away without guards bugging you! I wish I brought along my heavier camera for this trip but hey, my newest acquisition, TIFF1, is super! Only downside would have to be battery life, but that’s something I’d like to elaborate on in a future entry.

Terminal 21, Bangkok, Thailand

View from the top. That escalator sure is long. I actually dreaded going down in that escalator which connects the mezzanine to the third floor!

And… I just had to take a photo of the “techie” toilet.

 Terminal 21, Bangkok, Thailand


But before these “sight-seeing opportunities, late lunch had to happen first. After surveying the entire expanse of Pier 21, Terminal 21’s food court on the top floor, here are my picks:

Okay, I admit. I ate two orders of hainanese chicken. So bitin!

Pier 21, Terminal 21, Bangkok, Thailand

Fried Oyster Cake. So gooooood!

Pier 21, Terminal 21, Bangkok, Thailand

My first of the many milk tea escapades!

My mom wanted clear soup and what she got was an extremely spicy one.

Pier 21, Terminal 21, Bangkok, Thailand

A spicy meatball soup my mom couldn't finish

Some observations on their food court:

Pier 21, Terminal 21, Bangkok, Thailand

BKK food courts are very organized and usually offer international cuisine. There are stations for noodles, drinks, chicken, etc. This is where I ordered the oyster cake.

Pier 21, Terminal 21, Bangkok, Thailand

Also, their food courts have all the seasonings per station. You don't need to bug the cook about the sauces.

Pier 21, Terminal 21, Bangkok, Thailand

Also, they have the cutest drinking stations!

Now I’m seriously craving for authentic Thai milk tea and hainanese chicken! Who knows, I might be back sooner than I think (but oh wait I thought I was supposed to be setting my eyes on a trip to South Korea).


  1. Canon Powershot S95 []


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  • Jenny

    Hainanese chicken looks good! And I haven’t even tried Wee Nam Kee yet :o

    • MM

      Me too! But one of my friends say super sarap daw talaga.

      Well, that hainanese chicken is around 50 pesos. Ang konti lang talaga! XD

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