Thailand 2011: Elephant Ride



Tuktuk is considered as a taxi in Thailand

A few weeks back, we revisited Thailand. The excitement was still there despite the familiarity (of having visited once and the undeniable similarity it shares with Manila).

Because of the floods, there were cars parked along the skyway. We got a glimpse of the Chao Phraya River which was no longer overflowing during our visit. Thank God the waters have subsided already.

Chao Phraya River, Thailand

Chao Phraya River

First on our list was to try the elephant ride. The Elephant Village is an hour’s drive from Pratunam area (which is basically where the majority of malls are).

Elephant Village, Thailand

Elephant Village, Thailand

The "station" at the Elephant Village

The "station"

The elephant ride was uncomfortable at first—I was paranoid that the elephant would suddenly jerk or whatnot. I had to get over this fear fast because I knew I had to take snaps.

Elephant Village, Thailand

Wobbly ride

I imagine being thrown off the makeshift bench nestled on the elephant’s body. You’d really feel the heavy steps, which might be a dizzying experience for some. I was fine after a few minutes.

Houses along the path-Elephant Village

Houses along the path

Halfway through the ride, one of our companions’ elephant caretakers got off the animal and suddenly became our official photographer.

Our elephant caretaker-slash-photographer

Our elephant caretaker-slash-photographer

Innah was panicking for a moment because the elephant seemed like it was walking aimlessly down the path. There was nothing to fear as we noticed that these lovable creatures know when to take a turn. Whew!

On top of the world-Elephant Ride

On top of the world

By the way, it was scorching hot that time.

Elephant Village, Thailand

And then suddenly, there was desert. XD

I did not expect this:

Swamp at Elephant Village, Thailand

Okay, bath time!

If riding an elephant is not your thing, visitors can feed them too.

Elephant Village, Thailand


May I also share that they have clean restrooms? I should’ve taken a photo. All in all, it was an amazing experience.

Elephant Village, Thailand

Hello there!

Up next, our trip to the Floating Market!



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