The Fangirl is No Longer Blue

The lads performed “Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word” at the recently held Miss World in London.

Pardon my cheesy title, but I am so excited (and I just can’t hide it): my all-time favorite boyband in the world, Blue, will be having a concert next year here in the Philippines. I don’t care that they have to share the date with A1 and former 98 Degrees member Jeff Timmons. As long as Blue is there, I am a happy fangirl!

Honestly, I still haven’t checked the veracity of these posts. I found the good news this morning while scouring the Internet for their performance in this year’s Miss World. I sure do hope it’s true because I have waited for this to happen again since 2004! I already have a checklist in mind:

  • Front row tickets
  • Attend the press conference
  • Meet and greet pass
  • A group photo with them
  • Photo with Lee/Duncan/Simon/Antony

Things have changed when it comes to meet and greet events but what the, I do not deserve to be a “fangirl” if I don’t try. Embracing reality here and anticipating that getting a pass is gonna be tough, especially in this social media-driven world where people with most likes win.

I am very optimistic that I’d get to have an updated version of photos with them (my pictures with them were taken with a Kodak film camera). Now I can stop sulking about their Singapore visit and performance at the ION Orchard last week.



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