Santorini at Santo Tomas

We finally got to try Santorini.

Santorini in Manila

Santorini in Manila

It is still a big mystery to me why I never discovered this Korean place when I was in college. It’s along P. Noval Street, near the corner leading to Delos Santos. Well, I wasn’t really aware of hole-in-the-wall places near the campus and my usual meal was Jollibee’s C3 (Chicken and Spaghetti).

2NE1 and then some

2NE1 and then some

Santorini is a KPop fan’s dream. There’s a TV that endlessly plays “perfs.” No wall is left bare. Everywhere I look, there were posters of Korean performers. Customers can leave notes as well; some of them were professing their love for their idols.

One of the most interesting names for fan groups

One of the most interesting names for fan groups—Hottest

It would have been a typical Korean restaurant if not for the posters. I find it cool, actually.

More posters at Santorini

More posters!

We ordered a bowl each. By the way, it was our second attempt to eat here. The first time we went here, it was closed. So don’t bother checking it out on a Sunday. Lesson learned.

Bulgogi at Santorini


Bibimbap at Santorini


The geek and I both liked the bibimbap over the bulgogi. Both are good but the spiciness of the bibimbap made it more mouthwatering. It’s another mystery to me that chapchae is missing on the menu. Anyway, they serve Korean ice cream as well to complete the experience, I guess?

Next on my list is a place that serves chapchae. But where? Any suggestions?



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  • Henry

    I assume that the food here are great and I found the the place unique!

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