Trick or Treat

Halloween vignette at Serendra

Halloween vignette at Serendra

Since Halloween is over, kids will now switch from “Trick or Treat” mode to “Namamasko po.

“Trick or Treat” applies to my phone’s camera, which I was able to test a week ago in different lighting conditions.

Outdoors, it was a treat. The sky appeared blue-r in the photo:


Near the place where I saw Georgina Wilson walking, working it like she was walking on the runway

It was a hit or miss indoors. There’s always Photoshop to improve the image, such as this one taken inside a creperie:

Life is a journey

Life is a journey

This one I didn’t post-process. I just had to take a photo of Red Ribbon’s display. Lotsa cakeeees!

Red Ribbon rolls!

Red Ribbon rolls!

You wouldn’t expect amazing results from a camera phone, but at least, it takes decent photos. The LED flash is a disappointment, though. The instance I tried it, it was not a big help at all.

By the way, I am slowly getting back to reading. I’m currently reading Steve Jobs’ official biography. It’s a fascinating read. The book is a must-read for those in the creative field (or even those in industries far from it, think Technical Recruiter Jobs heh) wanting to find ways on how to monetize what they like doing (hooray!). Or those who just want to make things happen. I particularly loved how he sees the big picture yet he inspects every single, little detail in his devices. His character and attitude, however, is something else. That, I guess, is attributed to the pain he tries to hide. Anyway, I should stop typing because I might spoil you. Go read it, too. :)



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