Banchetto First Timer

This was actually weeks ago but I completely forgot posting about it (verbosity issues). Anyway, I have heard of Banchetto for the longest time but it was only last month that I got to check it out. It’s similar to weekend food markets, comprised mostly of new entrepreneurs testing the waters. You can find anything from street fare to steaks (although We tried Banchetto at the SM Cubao stretch and we found the selections quite limited as opposed to other Banchetto events).

After two laps of going back and forth, we finally stopped at Sisig Marino and well, ordered what else?

Sisig from Sisig Marino

Sisig from Sisig Marino. Yup, that's the stall's name.

The sisig was incredibly tasty for its kind but it was too oily. Heck, oily food always tastes good.

There was also a stall selling Korean food. Two Korean girls were manning it, so I thought to myself that what they offer should be good. I ended up buying Korean chicken and chapchae.

Korean chicken from Hot Siz

Korean chicken from Hot Siz

The chicken’s breading is thick and a bit crispy, but not ala-Bon Chon. I’m also not sure if they intended it to be mildly spicy ’cause the heat was barely there.

Chapchae from Hot Siz

Chapchae from Hot Siz

The chapchae was good, although it could use a little more seasoning. Gah, my tastebuds need to be re-calibrated or something. I should not be leaning toward saltiness, ugh.



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