Places Down South

There are always ways to make/keep people interested in a certain place without having to resort to ideas that the majority will find unfavorable and unnecessary.

Most of the time, tourists don’t need labels/signage. Even the University of Santo Tomas did not have a sign with the school’s name on it until recently (and I guess that’s the reason behind the gigantic U-S-T letters). Take a look at SM City Calamba:

Mt. Makiling outside SM City Calamba

Mt. Makiling outside SM City Calamba. That's my cousin, nagdadrama. Hehe.

There’s a space inside that allows mallgoers to appreciate the beauty of Mt. Makiling inside the mall. Most parts of the mall facing the mountains have these huge glass windows. Yes, “huge.” Full view below:

The view outside one of the floors of SM City Calamba

The view outside one of the floors of SM City Calamba

Breathtaking, right? It is always best to leave natural wonders alone and simply appreciate the view, wherever that may be.

I also got to visit Padre Pio’s shrine located at Santo Tomas, Batangas that same day. His relic is enshrined here.

Padre Pio

Padre Pio of Pietrelcina

Currently, the church is shaped like a salakot (hat). If I remember correctly, they are planning to turn this into Padre Pio’s national shrine.

His current "dambana"

His current "dambana"

There was another church along the highway with the same name but we didn’t get to check that one out.

How about you? Have you been to somewhere new?



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  • Jenny

    Love the view from SM! First time to see that :)

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