Typing, backspace

Typing, backspace. Typing, backspace.

While the Internet is an open space where people can freely express thoughts and ideas, it’s more difficult to say what’s on your mind when you are part of the minority. Holding back an opinion is a better option to avoid a possible backlash. A simple statement can be misconstrued, and if things were written or said in another way, it could mean something else. It could turn into something that can easily be dismissed and not to be taken seriously. Most of the time, discussions become one-sided, especially when topics that are put into light are those that touch on preferences.

If there is one thing I absolutely dislike about these “public discourses,” it is the abundance of non-sequitur responses. Reasoning takes a back seat and emotions come into play. Sometimes, being too sensitive/defensive only makes the situation complicated and somewhat annoying to the random observer. Ahhh, the complexities of communication.

The best thing to do is to practice self-restraint to avoid further misunderstandings. Keep calm and… keep calm? :P

P.S. I was checking out a random link which I thought was a wholesale clothing site, turns out it was Wholesaleinsurance.net! LOL



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