For the sake of updating

I hate myself for being lazy these past few days. At this point I am sure that it is not the weather that makes me feel this way, nonetheless I am feeling this laziness (UGH), so this post is photo-heavy. SARREEEH!

The past few days, I…:

…attended a Jollibee party

Attended a Jollibee Kid's Party!

Attended a Jollibee Kid's Party!

…tried something new at Conti’s

Conti's Baked Prawns

Conti's Baked Prawns—my first time to try! So good!

…bought another book

Elements of Style

Elements of Style at a discounted price! Thanks to the geek for buying me this copy!

…welcomed a new batch of fashionable finds to my growing collection

Some accessories from Cebu

Some accessories from Cebu, my cousin's giveaway

Now, let me excuse myself while I chase my dreams in my head, think of trophies and awards to motivate myself and be the OC, go-getter girl that I am.



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