Learning to Drive?

I just had the weirdest dream the other night.

Tatay was in the driver’s seat. Apparently, he bought the car we were riding for me. I was about to shout for joy until I realized that the car wasn’t ‘matic. Then I freaked out and told him I CANNOT drive that car. LOL

The dream reminded me of the fact that those instructors in driving schools won’t teach you to drive an automatic (which is what I want to learn). I dread having to change gears—I am so bad at timing and numbers (yes even that kind of set of numbers) that I cannot just imagine calculating timing while driving This is obviously why I love bump cars.

Sorry for my random rambling, just not in the mood to post photos because I have to organize my folders first. What is OC?

P.S. So I stumbled upon this RoyalImaging.com document scanning services. Good business idea, ‘no?



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